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Monday, August 29, 2016

What's on the Internetz these days??

Just my feelings as I surf the web during the last few days...

With the full blown success of Pokemon Go, the almost three weeks of consecutive competition events pitting the world's best athletes against each other, and lastly, with the passing away of one of Mexico's most acclaimed singer and songwriter - Juan Gabriel, the Internet fills the void with what the public will unquestionably consume.

Passing from being die hard fans of Pikachu and his friends since their childhood, to being experts on almost every sport there is, to becoming the out-of-the-closet number one fan of the artist that just passed away.

The events in life providing extra volume to the communicating vessels that consumers produce with what we see and want to see on the web, which can be childish as a Pokeball, or morbid as a celebrity's death. Either way, momentum of this happening is just getting started, so I believe I'll be hearing Juan Ga's songs in the background for a while before the next big event swings this train to its new direction.

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