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Monday, April 4, 2011

Wasps on a Plane!

Have you ever imagined what movie villains could had actually achieved, had they hired a subject matter expert -before venturing into a seemingly-nonsense plan of evil??

Wasps on a Plane!

For real! Snakes average 5.5 kills a year, while wasps, hornets and bees go almost eightfold. Scared of snakes? Nah, they represent a minuscule 3.51% of all animal attacks. Flying buzzy insects we should be more careful of, boasting a 28.0% of the attacks.

I guess it's the movies we should blame for this misconception and almost unquestionable adage that some poor misunderstood creatures are evil. For instance: spiders, sharks and, of course, snakes.

Naturally, these creatures can be scary as hell and perfect assassins, but it is only in their nature. Better keep your distance. I'll just keep my bug net catcher handy, just in case...

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